“…a gifted and versatile actress, a talented singer, and a performer that moves with elegance, intelligence and energy. She conveys the inner motivations of her character with passion and charm, and these qualities create touching colours in her voice. She is sensitive in her interpretation, motivated, and determined. Kripa is an accomplished musician and a very moving performer. Her voice lends itself to all styles.” — François Racine, stage director, Montreal, QC

“It was pleasure indeed to listen to [Kripa’s] wonderfully sensitive rendition of Kaprálová’s songs.  The occasional songs  Vteřiny in particular do rarely sound so connected and special but that is exactly what [she was] able to achieve! …Big THANK YOU to Kripa Nageshwar for her beautiful rendition of Kaprálová’s songs…What a treat!” — Karla Hartl, The Kaprálová Society, Toronto, ON

“Her voice always carried effortlessly above the ensemble…[and] I was most impressed by her ability to improvise suitable ornaments when asked [Ms. Nageshwar] to do so, thus revealing her knowledge of style…[Kripa] managed to strike a perfect poise between the dramatic and the sentimental in both her singing and her acting; this balance helped her display a large range of emotions while keeping the comedic lightheartedness of her character.” — Alexandra Fol, conductor, Montreal, QC

“Kripa’s portrayal of Despina was absolutely charming, and she had us in stitches throughout the opera.” — Michal Miskiel, Repetiteur and Coach, Vancouver, BC