New Artist Collective: Musallica

Viva le donne!

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I am proud to announce the creation of Montreal’s newest all-female collective: MUSALLICA!

Musallica was founded in late 2015 and is a artist collective composed of 4 sopranos of different types: Nadine Guertin, Yanick Alexandre, Sandra D’Angelo, and Kripa Nageshwar (me) . We came together to create our own musical, multidisciplinary, multi-genre projects given that we all have very unique non-musical talents as well. Our goals involve working to promote more feminine presence in the arts, encourage female representation and equality and also to revisit the role of women in history and in our global society atlarge.

We sing music from almost all genres – from opera to French chanson and Broadway through jazz to pop – both solo and in ensemble. For instance, we did our first production on Feb 14, 2016 and called it “Quand on a que l’amour”. The music included works from Phantom of the Opera, La Wally, Notre dame de Paris, La vie en rose, Just a gigolo and more – and some of these works we, ourselves, rearranged for 4 voices.

We are also putting together a summer music camp to encourage young singers and actors. And finally, Musallica has been accepted by the greater City of Montreal to create a project to celebration the 375th anniversary of our fair city. Our creation will focus on the lives of several of Montreal’s notable and unnoticed women in our history and bring their stories to life…in style! Musallica will also be producing their first album soon!

Details regarding our new album and our own website to come!

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